We’re always working hard to grow and develop the itseeze website editor, and the last few months have been no exception. 
With GDPR coming into practice in late May, our focus was primarily on making it as easy as possible for all our clients to comply with the new data protection laws, resulting in plenty of new website features. 
Check out a selection of the latest additions to our website packages below: 


We recently upgraded the map component on all itseeze websites from Google Maps to Mapbox. 
This means that you and your website visitors can now benefit from several new features, including: 
A choice of map styles 
A simplified map customisation menu 
A new search function with real-time traffic information 
And much more! 
As well as improving the appearance of any maps on your website, this update also ensures that your customers have access to more relevant information when viewing your location. 

 Privacy policy and cookies policy 

The privacy policy on your website was updated ahead of GDPR to ensure that it complies with the new data regulations. 
The policy does so by detailing how data is processed within the itseeze website editor and by listing the cookies in use on your site in a separate cookie policy. Any third party services that are available through the website editor – such as embedded YouTube videos or a Twitter feed – are also covered in the updated privacy policy. 
We’ve also made it easy for you to add information to your privacy policy so that you can outline all of the ways that you use your website to collect personal data, making it quick and simple to achieve legal compliance. 

 Cookies notice 

Another measure we put in place in time for GDPR was updating the cookies notice on your website. 
Now when visitors land on your website, they will have the option to either accept all cookies, or to opt in or out of non-essential cookies, giving them control over what data they share with you when browsing your site. 

 Data access permissions 

If you have an itseeze Commerce website, it’s now possible for your customers to see what data you hold on them and to delete this data from your online shop if they wish to. 
To do this, your customers simply need to go into their account settings on your website and choose to either download the data or to close their account. 
If they have never made an order through your site, all of their account data will be deleted. However, if a customer who has previously ordered from your website chooses to close their account, their account data will still be deleted but you will be able to see information relating to their orders, including billing and delivery addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. 
These new permissions allow for greater transparency and give your customers more control over their personal data. 

 Product quantities 

Another recent addition to our ecommerce website package is a new option that allows you to specify how customers should select the quantity of a product with variants in your shop. 
Customers can either choose the product variant they wish to purchase and then enter the quantity required (as shown on the left) or enter quantities for all the single product variants that they want to buy (as seen on the right). 
This will streamline the buying experience for anyone who is looking to purchase multiple variations of a product from your website, making it easier for customers to buy from you and encouraging them to make multiple purchases. 
Not yet an itseeze customer? If you want to benefit from our user-friendly website editor, our affordable website prices, and all these new features and more, enquire today to find out how we could help your business achieve brilliant things online. 
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